Reagan Browne’s ‘Followed By Ravens’ featuring Phil X from Bon Jovi, epitomizes the essence of his music and his soul. Reagan explains, “I really enjoy the story telling aspect of songwriting and this is one of my favorite tracks from my latest album release. It’s about the difficult omens people can face in their lives and doing what you can to work through them. I’ve always loved big epic sounding rock songs, so this is my dedication to that. Everything’s on 10 just the way I like it!”
Reagan’s musical inspirations are diverse from Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog, Audioslave) to Edward Van Halen and Paul McCartney. His incredible 5-octave range is versatile and powerful. His live shows bring back the exuberance and fire of David Lee Roth combined with the intensity of Robert Plant.
His new 12 track album release “Rhapsodic Roar” features some of this Century’s Rock Heroes and is the perfect platform for his vocal prowess and original storytelling. Reagan is humble and thankful that he was able to work with such an amazing group of musicians. He adds, “I’m so lucky to have friends in high places.”
Since 2007, Reagan has earned his stripes on the road. He was voted the Clear Channel IHeart Radio- Artist To Watch in 2011 for his song. ‘Goodbye L.A.’ which hit number 1 on their Rock chart and beat out other bands from major labels. Following this, Reagan was chosen by ITunes as one of their “Rocker On The Rise” Artists.
On “Rhapsodic Roar”, fans come on a journey of Reagan’s life. From his humble upbringing in Texas, to what life is now like in the City of Angels; each song is not only musically written and produced to a very high standard but the passion in Reagan’s songwriting can be truly felt.
Reagan is a true Artist in every sense of the word. He is hard working, highly skilled in songwriting and music composition, has an ear for production and is not afraid to share his story through his music, good and bad. If you’re not already a fan, you most certainly will be once you have heard “Rhapsodic Roar”!
Special mention needs to be made to ‘The Universe Gives Me What I Want’ featuring the great Monte Montgomery on guitar. Here Reagan references what we all yearn for in life and love – that the stars align and with the help of the universe, we will receive what is our just reward. It is songs like this that remind us not only of Reagan’s musical genius but that his overall passion for what is important most in life, transcends to many.
No matter what obstacles Reagan has faced, his Southern roots have always been the stabilizing factors that have given him the strength to carry on and to succeed. It is now time for the Universe to Give Reagan what HE wants and that is to share the high energy and power of “Rhapsodic Roar” with the world!!